About House:

The name Hibernia is an old Latin name for the Emerald Island.

It was derived from the Greek word (given by massalioteexplorers) Iouerníā, that came from Celtic Īweriū, from whichmodern Éire appears.

Romans adjusted the name and made connection to the winter, as thecold weather, frequent fog and lack of unique resourcesdiscouraged from further exploration.

In addition to climate, population with cold attitude meant theonly considerable thing Romans could get there was trouble.

The female character Hibernia became the personification of Ireland (2 Euromemorial coin), although in pro-british context. Image of helpless “lesser sister ofbritain” was often shown in unionist cartoons, posters and newspapers, which madeit rather unpopular among the Irish nationalists, being replaced by Erie. The name isoften used in other contexts.

Our Powers:

Our powers (they were chosen by voting, and therefore represent strengths of everybody and house as a whole):

- Unbreakability
- Creativity
- Ingenuity

Our Goals:

Our goals (which we are following with determination, since ‘achieving’ them would mean stopping):

- Never give up, always go till the end
- Follow our dreams
- Become better than we are

Our Motto:

Inspired by challenge, unbroken in creativity!

Hibernian anthem (inspired by Irish national anthem, Sung with its music, approved unanimously)

We come along, to journey long,
With shining sun above us.
We know our ways to us belong
And sing with flowing chorus:
Inspired by the Irish land,
Defined by the artist hand,
Unbroken spirit of our band
Hibernia, stay bright and strong!

Dreamers are we, who make it always happen
Pursue our dreams, going forward to new heights!
We always believe, and follow our passion
Committed to strife, stay in rays of future lights
When problems come, we do not fear
Inspire they us, inventive we’re.
The house our, thee we cheer
Hibernia, stay bright and strong!

Our four Houses are
Albion (old name for England)
Hibernia (old name for Ireland)
Caledonia (old name for Scotland)
Cambria (old name for Wales)