Historical meaning:

Albion is the oldest known name of the British Isles, used by the Greeks and Romans. Thename Albion translates as "white land"; and the Romans explained it as a reference to thechalk cliffs at Dover.

Also, the city was called "Foggy Albion", because thick sea fog constantly enveloped thelowlands of the island of Great Britain. This spectacle was very beautiful, but it was possibleto get lost. Many writers depicted these fogs in their paintings, because they were unusual.

Our forces:

Our house chose these three forces because they describe each of us well. We aim topurposefully develop, improve and achieve success together.

● purposefulness
● development
● improvement

Our goals:

● Work on communication skills in English, expanding our vocabulary and always learnsomething new.
● Be a united team and go confidently towards our goal.
● Make positive changes and support each other

Our Motto:

Cute ears, cute paws, cute tail,
But forget about good and magical tales,
We are violent lions, do you understand?
We will tear you apart and tear you again!Lions are always strong,
They go to their goal.
No one will break their strong spirits,
We hold the helm like tricky pirates

Our choir:

When you hear real roar
And it doesn't seem like howl
You'd be better running far
hide and seek would not be fun.
We will bit you, furthermore,
we can catch you with a claw.
There's is no way you can hide
You are always in our sight.
You are shaking and indeed:
Lions are roaring, you don't sleep.

Our four Houses are
Albion (old name for England)
Hibernia (old name for Ireland)
Caledonia (old name for Scotland)
Cambria (old name for Wales)