At Svitlo School, our dedication lies in cultivating the next generation of leaders. Our goal is twofold: to improve the well-being of Ukrainian children today and to prepare them for their future. We achieve this by providing access to high-quality education within a nurturing and open-minded environment. This unique educational setting is fostered by volunteers from all over the world, offering an invaluable international perspective to our students.

All our lessons run from 15:00 Kyiv time and on weekends, so that the pupils can attend their main Ukrainian school in the morning first.

Our curriculum, tailored for both juniors (ages 10-13) and seniors (ages 14-18), is specifically designed to develop well-rounded individuals who are ready to face the challenges of our rapidly evolving world. We prioritise delivering an exceptional education in English, complemented by a diverse range of both traditional and specialised subjects. In creating this curriculum, we have leveraged the unique expertise and experience of our volunteers and staff members. This approach allows us to equip our students with knowledge and skills that extend beyond what is typically covered in Ukrainian schools, preparing them for global success.

Svitlo School Curriculum is tailored to cater to the unique developmental needs of two age groups: 10-13-year-olds and 14-18-year-olds. It is divided into 6 main segments: English, Creativity, STEM, Humanities and Careers, Wellbeing for the Seniors only. Each segment of the curriculum is strategically designed around key areas to provide a comprehensive and age-appropriate education. 

School calendar 2023/2024:

Junior Svitlo Lessons (Ages 10-13):
Our focus with younger pupils is on mastering English skills. Children are grouped by ability to study English, with opportunities to participate in mixed ability lessons covering a wide range of subjects.

English Acquisition:
Enhance English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Humanities: Explore the basics of history, geography, and the arts; engage in discussions and develop critical analysis skills.

STEM: Delve into science, technology, and finance, fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Creativity: Develop artistic talents and confidence in performance through music, art, and various creative projects.
Senior Svitlo Lessons (Ages 14-18):

While continuing to offer English lessons, we shift our focus to helping young people explore a broader range of topics to assist in career selection. These lessons not only impart knowledge but also equip students with skills for university and the workplace.

Language Acquisition: Advance English proficiency and explore diverse linguistic and cultural perspectives.

Humanities: Gain a deeper understanding of history, philosophy, and global affairs; apply critical thinking and analysis in real-life contexts.

STEM: Continue STEM education with specialised courses in biology, astrophysics, and psychology, enhancing innovative thinking.

Creativity: Nurture artistic abilities in visual and performing arts, along with understanding the theoretical foundations of creativity.‍

Careers: Prepare for future careers by gaining insights into fields such as digital marketing, law, and AI, and through exposure to professionals and practical experiences.

Wellbeing: Embrace a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional health.

School Life

Many pupils now describe Svitlo school as a second family. The war had a great impact not only on the children’s education and well being but also on their social lives and the amount of attention they receive from parents and relatives. Svitlo provides a welcoming community where children can meet new friends, find role models and have a sense of belonging. We achieve this through:

  • Students Council and Prefects

  • House system

  • Assemblies

  • Festive Competitions in art, performance and writing

  • Buddy System

  • Student lead lessons

  • Summer trips

Student led classes

We encourage leadership and initiative among our senior pupils by offering them the unique opportunity to run their own clubs and classes. This peer teaching approach, known as the "protege effect," empowers them to take ownership of their learning experience and enhances their leadership, communication, and organisational skills.


By studying at Svitlo you could gain a free place at popular online schools like Highgrove Online School which lead to a certificate in British education.

Our most proactive students are also offered  opportunities to attend residential summer schools in the UK and America.


The curriculum is enriched through partnerships with various schools and organisations around the world.