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At Svitlo School our mission is to educate future political and social leaders of Ukraine.

Svitlo Education, a Registered Charity number 1201542, started with one person’s vision and prompt action following the start of the war in Ukraine. Yuliya Kosko, the school’s Ukrainian founder and education expert living in the UK, organised a few English lessons by native speakers for the children of Zaporizhzhye on 14th March 2022. Now, over 2500 Ukrainian students aged between 10 and 18, a team of Ukrainian helpers and over 60 volunteer teachers have created a unique online community of learning, sharing and support.

Svitlo School offers academic and extra curricular lessons in English for children in Ukraine with a few important purposes:

  • To give children a sense of stability and show solidarity from across the world
  • To improve their English
  • To teach interchangeable skills, analytical thinking and communication skills
  • To prepare a new generation of Ukrainian leaders for the time when they will have to rebuild Ukraine and make business connections with Europe and the rest of the world. 

There are so many cases in history when wars have been won but the people were not educated for democracy, international trade and diplomacy. Svitlo is equipping young Ukrainians with the work ethic, skills, knowledge and world view of educated, open-minded and confident democratic citizens.