Info about House:

Caledonia is the name of old Scotland. The word “Caledonia” comes from the Celtic word "Caledon", which means "hard or rocky region". And this quite well conveys specific characteristics of the students of our house, who are confident and unwavering in their decisions and do not give up and stand their ground, like rocks.

Our Goals:

1) Maintain leadership and build the reputation of our House (not to slow down, to work in the same spirit, because the higher you go, the more painful it is to fall)

2) Build a solid and reliable collective (we have a dream, although it is a bit abstract, and we have goals, but we lack a strong team, but we are sure it will not be difficult to organize)

3) Don't stop improving ourselves (there is any limit to perfection, we continue to learn something new every day)

Our Powers:

Our three powers are associated with Slytherin, a faculty whose students strive to win at all times and in everything, and this is exactly what we are about.

1) Ambition
2) Cunning
3) Resourcefulness

Our Motto:

Our motto is chivalrous, and it is the motto with which Conan Doyle decided to immortalize himself in history: "Steel True, Blade Straight".

The Hymn:

Soldiers of knowledge, arise!
Gird your armor, open eyes,
Fight with all your might and be wise,
And claim the victor's prize.

Now the battle must be won,
No more slaves to work undone,
Strive for victory, everyone,
And let our learning shine like the sun.

Don your armor, strong and bright,
Warriors of knowledge, filled with light,
Never falter, never take flight,
Our reward awaits, so hold tight.

We'll conquer all our rivals tall,
And never let our spirits fall,
Share our triumphs and stand tall,
And let our knowledge touch all.

So march forth with heads held high,
Our minds sharp and our hearts nigh,
Together we'll reach the sky,
And let our knowledge never die.

The Video:

Our four Houses are
Albion (old name for England)
Hibernia (old name for Ireland)
Caledonia (old name for Scotland)
Cambria (old name for Wales)