Yelizavieta Cherneha
May 22, 2024

It has been almost seven months since school students have been able to receive house points for their work in the lessons.

How to get them?

 Be active in the lessons.

  •  Be active in the lessons.
  •  Do homework (if any).
  •  Do not forget to attend classes in your groups.

Also, you can get 3 points if you attend 10 lessons in a week аnd if 50 per month, you get +3 points.

There are extra points that teachers give for fruitful work in class.

About the fact that the student attended so many lessons and received points, they write to the group of the house to which they belong.

You can get to know information about Houses on Margo's blog.

Be active! Do not be shy! Develop! 

Have a wonderful day!💙💛