Margo Krivenko
May 22, 2024

I want to tell you about the Svitlo "House System" and that, yes, in January, this system appeared at our school.

I will tell by steps:

We have four Houses (which is a name used to describe four sections):

- Albion (the old name for England)
- Hibernia (Ireland)
- Caledonia (Scotland)
- Cambria (Wales)

At the beginning, when the system started, all students were divided into Houses and started getting to know each other (we have a table where you can find out which house you have been allocated to after you join us).

Now I will tell you about the tasks of the Houses and why it was introduced to our school.

Each of the houses had three tasks:

  1. Maintain leadership and build the reputation of our House
  2. Build a strong and reliable collective
  3. Don't stop improving ourselves.

and Three forces:

  1. Ambition
  2. Cunning
  3. Resourcefulness
  • Choose a Motto

There is also a points system. It's like school grades. In the next article, Lisa will tell you about the House Point system and how it works.

And finally, why did we introduce the House System?    Everything is very simple:

  • to make each of the houses feel like home.
  • to unite
  • to talk about any problems we may have.
  • each House is one big team

And plus, at the end of the semester, as in our case, we chose a winner: The House with the most points!