Ulyana Bocharnikova
May 22, 2024

In this blog you will read important reasons why you should join our school.

Let's start! Svitlo is a completely free school for Ukrainians, in English, to study and prepare for school exams, or attend classes for fun. We also have the opportunity to learn foreign languages with native speakers!


We put students in groups by age, which helps peers feel comfortable and develop skills in socializing, communication, and making new friends. Each new season of the year we organize competitions, contests and meetings for the whole school. We maintain a friendly atmosphere in which it is pleasant and interesting to learn and develop as a group!


You have the opportunity to learn non-standard school subjects from foreign teachers. To get an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to go to summer camp!☀️ If you try hard enough you can discover new opportunities in our school and develop your knowledge. We also develop responsibility, because you can be a member of the Student Council.

Lesson Schedule: 

A student can choose their own subjects to study, which allows them to combine with Ukrainian school, and build their own study schedule. All classes are held online. We also have holidays, which helps students to take a break from studying 😄

Goal Setting: 

We have discussions, and “Career Success” which help to set accurate goals, and understand what you want to see in the future. After the discussions, you can move towards their cherished dream.


Learning this language will expose you to all the opportunities anywhere in the world! English is an international language, that can help you meet new friends. And open up a career path in the future.

A foreign language can be fun and interesting rather than boring and challenging, if you know how to schedule your study programme properly - Svitlo School offers you these opportunities!

If you like one of these reasons you should join us ❤️🎓

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