Richard Human


Richard Human is an experienced international teacher who has had the privilege of working in diverse educational settings across the globe. With teaching stints in Kenya, Libya, the Netherlands, and Britain, Richard has gained a wealth of knowledge and cultural understanding.
While primarily trained in primary education, Richard also has valuable experience in secondary teaching. Having been brought up in Papua New Guinea and Kenya, he developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and an innate curiosity about the world.
In 2019, Richard completed his MBA in Educational Leadership, further enhancing his expertise in guiding educational institutions towards success and innovation. This educational background has equipped him with advanced leadership skills and a strategic mindset.
Outside the classroom, Richard is a loving father, supportive brother, and devoted husband. His passion for photography allows him to capture beautiful moments and share stories through captivating images. When he's not behind the lens, you can find Richard exploring his love for geography by studying maps and learning about different landscapes. He also enjoys the thrill of cycling and mountaineering, challenging himself physically and mentally in the great outdoors.
In addition to his teaching and adventurous pursuits, Richard is also a public speaker. He delivered a thought-provoking TED Talk in 2019, captivating the audience with his unique insights and perspectives on his parents and their life choices.

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