Aditi Banerjee


Aditi Banerjee is an 18 year old student at King’s College London and is a freelance spoken word poet, passionate about creating lasting change.  She has been a volunteer teacher since June 2022 for Ukrainian children at Svitlo School, facilitating discussion sessions, student presentations, games, and sharing of artwork or poetry from both the younger and older groups which she teaches.

Aditi is a top 100 winner of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2021 selected from over 14,000 entries spanning more than 100 countries. She has spoken at multiple FTSE 100 companies and international events, where she has discussed mental health, the climate crisis, racial justice and performed her poetry live. She has showcased her talent at the Barbican in an event on shifting power into communities and contributed to the ‘Global Poetry Project’, a gift to the United Nations. Aditi created the opening video and poem to introduce the national ‘UK Youth Inspiring Hope Awards’, and hosted events such as ‘New Ideas on Old Climate Conversations’ facilitating discussions between experts from across the globe.

She hopes to create a safe space and share joy with her students at Svitlo School and is grateful for the opportunity to connect with such enthusiastic, resilient and inquisitive young people every week.

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