House System Leader

Diana Bondarenko is a highly skilled lawyer with over 9 years of practice in legal support. Her professional experience includes working as a Lawyer (Advocate) in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she represents the interests of companies and individuals in various state authorities, reviews legal documents, and ensures compliance with applicable laws and policies. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in her field is a testament to her passion for the law and new opportunities.

In 2022, Diana relocated to London and joined the team at Svitlo School, where she leverages her expertise to contribute to the organisation's success. Additionally, she began her legal career at one of London's top law firms, where she continues to apply her legal knowledge and provide legal support to clients.

Both of Diana’s parents are teachers in Ukraine. In her spare time, Diana likes to read, learn languages and sleep. She is always very fond of new technology and is currently studying British Law.

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