Alison Kelly

Story Time

Alison has been in education for all her working life, firstly with children from 5 to 11 years old and then with students who are training to become teachers. She is passionate about the importance of literature in children’s lives and sharing wonderful picture books with as many children as possible.

Each week, she runs a 40-minute story time session for Svitlo with the younger group of students. Together, they read and talk about two great books. At the moment they are reading stories about topics that the children have chosen: one is about the kiwi bird and another one about circuses. The books have all been scanned so that the illustrations can be fully appreciated and all the detail can be seen.

As well as the enjoyment offered by beautifully written and illustrated books, sharing stories is a great way to improve the children’s English skills with regard to sentence structure and vocabulary.

Alison lives very near the River Thames and loves to walk. Her biggest hobby is playing the ukulele!

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