Nastya Shumilova


I am Nastya Shumilova from the beautiful town of Zaporizhzhia. I study at the Zaporizhia Gymnasium N11. I have a younger brother. I love self-development, so in my free time I attend classes at Svitlo School, read English books, play sports and play musical instruments. After a hard day I watch my favourite movies and series. One of my favourite activities is to smile and spread positivity. I will never forget the day when Svitlo School appeared. My first lesson took place in mid-March 2022. This school has changed everything in my life. I don't only mean the knowledge that I receive, but also the opportunity to become more confident, make new friends, and of course make a huge improvement in my English. This school became a ray of sunshine in my life and changed me for the better, I am very glad that I can somehow help in the development of the project. My favourite subjects will always be French, Italian, Spanish, German and English.

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