Maria Moiseienko
May 22, 2024

In the summer of 2023, Svitlo School gives some of the students an amazing opportunity to go on an interesting rest and fun holidays in …  *drumroll 🥁🥁🥁 GREAT BRITAIN!!! Sounds exciting, right? 🙂 And one of these traveller-students was Anna Telychko.  She went to a summer camp at St. Giles International UCL (University College London) - a famous university that is situated in London where British people, and a lot of other nationalities from the whole world, study to get a higher education in the English language.

And Anna wants to share with you her story about the experience of being in this London camp:

Anna: “Hi! I love cats, my hobbies are reading and spending time with my family and friends and I want to know many languages. I was so shocked when Yuliya told me that I could visit a summer camp in London because I have dreamed about it since I was 6 (at this age I started learning English). I still can't believe that it happened to me. The first thing that pleasantly shocked me was how clean the cities are. The atmosphere in the city and camp were amazing! When I arrived at the university, at first I was a little bit lost, but then I met a few guys from Ukraine and everything was good. Then I met guys from other countries and we’re still in touch with each other. Every day we had excursions to different places in London, and once we had a little trip to Brighton. I think I liked everything! It was an amazing experience and a wonderful trip, I found out many interesting facts about the United Kingdom. Sometimes I communicate with friends from camp on social networks, we respond to each other's Instagram stories, etc. I wish I could have another chance to experience this trip again and again! I am very grateful to Yuliya, Daria, and Diana, the sponsors of Svitlo School, and Svitlo School itself for this opportunity and I wish other active students could have such an opportunity because it was incredible!!”

Thank you for supporting Ukrainians, St. Giles International UCL, you have made Anna`s dreams come true, you are amazing!

Well, Anna really enjoyed these wonderful weeks at St. Giles International UCL camp and recommends it to everyone, so if you want to visit and experience that, just join Svitlo and improve your English language skills with us!