Nikita Balan Giuseppe
May 22, 2024

Nestled within the esteemed Shrewsbury School, the Discovery Summer camp provided a rich tapestry for Nikita, Maria, Daria, and Slava's summer adventure. This enchanting journey extended to Liverpool, where our amazing Svitlo students, embarked on a life-changing adventure. 

Let's delve into the reflections of Nikita, Maria, Daria and Slava as they share their experiences and who were an integral part of this remarkable journey within the enchanting grounds of Shrewsbury, as together, they created collective memories that will linger in their hearts for a lifetime.

Nikita:“Embarking on a journey to Liverpool with Discovery Summer, I found myself immersed in a musical adventure at The Beatles Museum, all within the broader context of the Shrewsbury Summer Camp. The My Egmong guitar, symbolizing creativity, became a silent storyteller of melodies shaping generations. The passionate staff's narratives turned exhibits into vibrant tales of The Beatles' rise, transforming my visit into a deeply personal experience. Contrary to summer camp expectations, the British weather, with its showers and play of clouds, added an authentic touch. Raindrops became notes in the symphony of memories, creating a poetic contrast to the warmth within the museum. Reflecting on this journey orchestrated by Discovery Summer at the Shrewsbury School, gratitude extends beyond tangible moments, weaving into intangible threads that created an unforgettable summer chapter. Liverpool, with its music, weather, and charm, became a testament to discovery and embracing the unexpected. Thanks to SvitloSchool for catalyzing this life-changing experience.”

Maria: ”Most of all, I remembered the trip to Liverpool. Tate Gallery, Beatles Museum, and shopping became vivid snapshots of a dream fulfilled, especially after this year's Eurovision. The rain on that day, far from dampening the mood, emphasized the atmosphere and perception of this port city. Liverpool, with its unique blend of art and history, left an indelible mark on my memories, all while being a part of the broader Shrewsbury Summer Camp experience. Thanks to SvitloSchool, this summer camp trip was a revelation of diversity and connection. Tate Gallery and the Beatles Museum, along with the unexpected charm of the rain, created a unique experience. The opportunity to explore and connect with people has made this summer truly unforgettable.”

Daria: "I enjoyed our summer camp in Shrewsbury. It was like a small life. In two weeks, I made many new friends, visited new places, gained useful skills, and of course improved my English.

The most memorable thing for me was our trip to Shrewsbury Prison, where we not only saw what the prison looked like but also tried throwing axes and several times I even hit the target and knocked down the card. We were also taught how to shoot a bow and a couple of times we played one-on-one in different teams!

In general, I am very grateful to everyone involved in this trip, because it was the best two weeks of my life!"

Slava: "Shrewsbury school with diverse and unique activities, never fails to impress. However, it is the Afternoon Tea experience that truly steals the show - a perfect blend of elegance and indulgence. Upon stepping foot into the dinning hall, I saw the elegantly arranged tables with impressive tablecloth, the variety of tea and the the very British dessert - scones. The presentation was impressive, with vibrant colors and intricate designs that underscored the culinary expertise behind each creation. The staff’s genuine passion for creating a memorable dining experience added to the feeling of indulgence. But the question that still unclear for all students and teachers is: “Is the jam or cream first?” It was clear that no detail was overlooked in providing guests with a truly exceptional experience. Each delectable dish served as a testament to the school's dedication to excellence. The Afternoon Tea experience at Shrewsbury Summer School truly was the epitome of refined enjoyment.

Looking back, the Afternoon Tea at Shrewsbury Summer School was more than just a delicious meal. It was a complete experience that stimulated the senses, promoted friendship, and left a lasting impression. It perfectly embodied the summer school's dedication to creating a space where education, culture, and recreation intersected seamlessly. Overall, I’m immensely grateful for all opportunities that Svitlo has! Thank you again for the best two weeks!"

Overall, this summer journey, made possible by SvitloSchool within the confines of the Shrewsbury Summer Camp by Discovery Summer, transcended ordinary expectations. Discovery Summer played a pivotal role in crafting an experience that enriched the lives of Nikita, Maria, Daria, and Slava. The symphony of memories created in Liverpool, from the iconic Beatles Museum to the artistic tapestry of the Tate Gallery, will resonate in their hearts for a lifetime. Gratitude extends to Discovery Summer and SvitloSchool for making these life-changing experiences a reality, proving the immense value of fostering exploration and cultural immersion.