Maria Moiseienko
June 20, 2024

All people have a big amount of stress in their life. It can be because of work, studying, multitasking, personal life, unhealthy love relationships, unreciprocated love, loss of loved ones, some problems in relationships with other people (mommy issues, daddy issues, arguments with colleagues, classmates etc), wars, conflict with oneself and this list can go on forever. 

Any even small stress can/may grow into despondency, despair, depression, mental issues, apathy, mental breakdown and self- destruction but also, unfortunately, all these factors together can lead to suicide. 

Under no circumstances should you even try to allow all this to happen! And we must try with all our might to get out of this state! And distraction will help us with this. So, there are a huge number of distractions and now I’ll add my TOP-5. You can choose and use the ones you like.

My TOP-5 distractions✅:

  • watching horror movies and TV series

This is my number one advice that works in most cases. While I watch some horror movie or TV series, I forget about troubles in my life ‘cause it's basically distracting my attention from things that stress me out. My strong emotions are overshadowed by stronger ones from impressions of a horror movie or TV series

  • sport

It always works, even if I don’t want to do it.  Sometimes you just have to overcome your laziness and do it, and it's worth it!

  • social media scrolling problem

It only seems that we're relaxing by spending hours on social media but it’s actually not true. You are literally pouring all your energy into the trash can.

  • hobbies

I think it doesn't need any explanation ‘cause it’s really important to find your own hobby that makes you happy.

  • connection with nature

Every single part of nature is divine and gorgeous and it is biologically so that our body needs a connection with it  ‘cause it’s one of the best thing that can bring you positive emotions. 


Nothing can break you if you don't let it!🌻