Nastya Shumilova
May 22, 2024

At Svitlo School, friendship is more than just a word — it is a connection that fills our circle with warmth and closeness.

The school began its existence precisely with the friendship of two beautiful fairies who were connected by strong bonds. It was the desire to give warmth to other people that gave birth to the light of hope, which became Svitlo School (after all, in Ukrainian “Svitlo” means “Light”). And for two years now, this project has continued to bring warmth to the hearts of young students.

There have been many changes and improvements, but the most important remains forever riveted in the middle of the book of the hearts of our students. Such an important and amazing word, its meaning almost forgotten in our complex world — friendship. Despite the difficulty of long-term online communication, every student who has ended up in Svitlo has found someone whom they truly love and respect. In fact, such students remain friends for a long period of time, because they are moving towards the same goal and that is why they are ready to fulfill and support each other in every possible way.

Whether we're tackling challenging assignments together, or laughing during group meetings, the spirit of friendship shines brightly among our students. From encouraging each other during presentations to supporting each other during difficult times, the friendships formed at Svitlo School are like beacons of light guiding us on our educational journey. Together we celebrate each other's successes and support each other through hard times, creating a supportive and caring community where everyone feels valued and welcome.

“As a very long-time student at Svitlo, during the time I have been here I have noticed a lot of things; namely what is not there in other schools — friendly relations between each other from all the students. Over the entire two years, there has never been even a hint of unfriendliness or misunderstanding. Everyone tries to be the best version of themselves both academically and in moral values, and that is why there are no conflicts in Svitlo. Every student who dreams of developing themself as a person comes here and improves. I say this partly from personal experience, because we are building this warm circle to bloom and flourish.” - said student Nastya.

At Svitlo School, friendship is not just part of our experience, it is our essence.