Dariana Sheverova
May 22, 2024

In July 2023 two of our kids visited Harrow summer camp

Harrow School is considered one of the most prestigious boys boarding schools in the world and is situated in beautiful grounds in London! Every summer they welcome boys and girls to their ‘Serious Study, Serious Fun!’ program from over 60 countries! 

This time Valentina and Nikita had this amazing opportunity to participate in the Harrow summer camp!

They had a lot of excursions and could try their strengths in archery and ping pong. One of the organizers even brought some animals such as snakes and owls! Of course, there were a bunch of different lessons for making interesting projects!

And Valya is ready to share her impression with us! Unfortunately, because of his busy schedule, Nikita couldn’t find free time, but we believe that Valentina’s story will give you a full picture of the holiday!

“Hi! My name is Valentina. I’m 17 years old. And I’ve been living and studying in England for about 1,5 years. The most surprising thing for me in England was the language. The accents and slang of my peers were difficult to understand, but right now I feel much better. When I first arrived at the Harrow summer camp, I was amazed by the quantity of people from slightly different points of the world!! Moreover, I felt nervous that I might behave incorrectly for different cultures or, what is even worse, be misunderstood! But as a few days passed, and I found out how sweet everyone was, I was open to new friends and still keep in touch with a lot of them! Every day there I remember with great warmth, but the very first one is most imprinted in my memory. We used flour and had a fight between the two groups. It was so much fun!! Even though, it was hard to wash out my hair, and I had to cut some. I highly recommend this camp! I received not only great memories but also, important life lessons! Before these two weeks in this wonderful atmosphere with amazing people, I used to be antisocial; however now I understand: if you don’t communicate with a lot of different types of people, you won’t comprehend the experience you could gain from this. Furthermore, I became more confident! So, yes! I would suggest the Harrow summer camp to anybody who has the desire to improve their English skills, to find a lot of new friends, to learn responsibility and to reach the key to success in their studies! And, of course, this all wouldn’t be real for me without Yuliya, who gave me this opportunity! I’m grateful to her and all the people who had a hand in this! To all the teachers, and staff, who managed this fantastic journey, to Sabrina, the Head of Studies, and to my new friends!”

Overall, this trip was accompanied by gaining crucial life lessons and having a lot of fun! Both Nikita and Valya, are thankful for the given opportunity and will never forget it!!