Liza Piletska
May 22, 2024

Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, Pascha, or simply the day when you can eat all the frosting on your newly baked Easter cakes and get away with it, is a Christian holiday that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Here are some of the most basic things that’ll help you to get to know more about the holiday and learn a little more about its symbolism!

🌸 A fresh start: Spring is in full swing: flowers are blooming, litle animals are being born. And this is what sometimes fills our hearts with hope for this new beginning, when nature is being reborn in flowers and birdsong, waking up from its winter sleep, and that’s when our souls feel joy and hope.

🐰 Easter bunny: It's no surprise that children are the ones who enjoy this part the most! The tradition of receiving sweets for Easter originates from ancient rituals and symbols and goes back to the 1700s in Germany, where the Easter Bunny was believed to be associated with gifts, eggs, and fun, making it an attractive symbol for children. However, it's not just kids who look forward to the treats, as the mood and joy of celebrating together make this aspect of the holiday an integral part of the tradition for all ages.

🥚 Eggs: The egg is another symbol of new life and rebirth, and the tradition of decorating and hunting eggs for Easter dates back centuries. Each material used to create this miracle is like a new fairy tale that helps you feel the spring energy and charge not only you, but also others with bright and unforgettable emotions. And in those times when it seems that nothing can bring you joy, try to find it in the little things, because sometimes it is this something, that gives us the opportunity to plunge into the magic of creativity and just feel the childlike wonder of creating something special.

🙏 Religious significance: For Christians, Easter has a deep religious significance. It commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as he is believed to have risen from the dead to save humanity from sin. However, despite its roots, it is a holiday that unites people regardless of their religion. Resurrection Sunday is celebrated in different cultures as a time of family reunion and restoration of inner harmony.

So, may this week bring you warmth, love and prosperity, and may the moments you share with your family and friends fill your days with joy and happiness. Have a happy and carefree Easter!!! 🐇🌿🎁🌈