Kseniya Fomina
May 22, 2024

As we dive into the brand-new pages of the calendar, let's start this year with a burst of joy and warmth in our hearts 🤍

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon🐉, may it bring you strong health, good fortune, success, and moments of pure joy. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, and remember that each day is a new chance to soar to new heights❄✨

By the way, did you know, why we celebrate the year of Dragon in 2024? What does that even mean??🧐 Well, let’s find out ;)

A long time ago, in China, the Jade Emperor decided that there should be a way to measure time. According to myths, the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac were selected through a race. This race was meant to create a time measurement for the people. ⌛There could only be twelve winners and in order to win, the animals had to cross a rapid current river and reach the finish line on the shore.🌊

We all know about the hate cats and rats have for each other. It’s hard to believe that they were once best friends. These two were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom, but they were both smart. They discovered that the fastest way to the river was to hop on top of the ox. 🐂The generous ox agreed to carry them across the river. However, the rat was so eager to win that he pushed the cat into the water; thus the cat never forgave the rat and wasn't included in the race.🐁🐈

Afterward, the ox and the rat made it to the shore. The rat jumped in front of the ox and came first in the race. The ox came in second and the tiger finished in third.🐯

All of a sudden, a loud thumping sound came: it was the rabbit🐰It jumped from one stone to another and was doing well until it slipped. Fortunately, there was a log floating by and it grabbed onto that log and floated to the finish line earning fourth place in the race. In fifth place was the dragon, but everyone thought that it would come in first because it could fly. It told the Jade Emperor that it had to stop a couple of times to help some villagers. On its way to the finish line, it saw a little rabbit on a log and decided to give a little puff of air to help it get to shore.

After the dragon, the horse came galloping towards the finish line. 🐎The sneaky snake🐍 was hidden behind the horse’s foot. It suddenly appeared and the horse was scared. The snake took advantage of this and landed in sixth place, and the horse landed in seventh.

Soon after, the monkey🐒, the rooster🐓, and the sheep🐑 landed on shore. Unlike some of the previous animals, these three actually helped each other to get to the finish line. The rooster found a raft, and the monkey and sheep hopped on. Working hard together through the water currents and the weeds, they reached shore: the sheep came in eighth place, the monkey in ninth place, and the rooster in tenth place.

In eleventh place was the dog. 🦮Even though it was a great swimmer, it was late. It told the emperor that it needed a bath, and the freshwater from the river was too tempting. Right when the emperor was going to close the race, an “oink” sound was heard: it was the pig.

 “Lazy Little Pig” 🐷originated from this story. The pig felt hungry in the middle of the race, so it stopped, ate something, and then fell asleep. After it awoke, it finished the race in twelfth place and became the last animal to arrive.

The order of the lunar calendar 🌛follows the outcome of the race🏁, where the rat is the first animal to start the sequence, and the pig is the last. After the pig, the sequence starts over again. The lunar calendar has been a significant calendar for China and the Chinese zodiac;)

Now, let’s talk about the symbol of this year 🐍❣In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes luck, success, power, and nobility. The Year of the Green Dragon occurs once every 60 years and was last seen in 1964.

The dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac and is considered the strongest and most powerful sign. In ancient times, it was believed that thanks to their power and ambition, dragons were able to control the entire world. Well, that sounds exciting, right? I’m sure that this year will bring us peace, health, and happiness💖󰚥Don’t be afraid to dream big and hold tight to your goals💥 We know that the word “impossible” simply doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of Svitlo students ⚡🥰

As we step into the beginning of the year, it's the perfect time to look forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year and embrace the energy of the Green Wooden Dragon⛄💚Scheduled for February 10th this year, there's still ample time to make preparations for this vibrant celebration. 🎉

Oh, but let's not get ahead of ourselves;) We’ve still got the whole January ahead of us to make the best of it 💝 Ever wondered why it is called so, by the way?? The reason January is called January is actually kind of deep.

It's been widely reported that the month was named for the Roman god Janus, but it's actually rooted in the Latin word "ianua," which means door. 🚪 The name was chosen to symbolize the opening of a new door that happens when the new year begins❣

So, as January unfolds, let's be mindful of the doors opening in our lives, leading us to exciting opportunities and experiences. Happy New Year to all, and may this year be a continuation of the brilliance and success we achieved in the last one. Shine bright with Svitlo light!💡💛

Xo xo xo💋