Mariam Anabtavi
May 22, 2024

Soft and fluffy snow, cheerful music, bright lights from decorations on the houses, and sincere happiness of people, with which a charming atmosphere with floating magic in the air is created... This is Christmas! A special time of the year that with its New Year's bustle brings families together and unites friends, a time of giving each other warm embraces, inspirational words and smiles, particular presents, made with love from one's heart and soul. It's a celebration that has a special place in people's hearts and for everyone has its own individual meaning. 

Students all over the world find Christmas holidays and Christmas itself as an opportunity to take rest, spend this time with their families and friends, simply have some fun and charge themselves with positive energy and impressions. 

Let's find out whether students of Svitlo School think the same and what does Christmas mean to each of them:

Angelina: "Hello, everyone! My name is Angelina and I am 17 years old. I am a student of the best online school - Svitlo School! I am always positive and friendly. My hobbies are cooking, traveling and dancing. I am also fond of learning foreign languages. I am very curious and always discover something new.

For me, Christmas and New Year are a time of joy, happiness and hope. It is a time when people gather with family and friends to celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. It is also a time of gifts, festive food, songs and fun. 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the "Opening of presents". On this special day, in the morning, my family and I get together to open the gifts we received from each other. It not only brings a smile, but also helps to strengthen the bonds in the family.

As for the New Year, my favorite tradition is "Two Unforgettable Years''. The whole family comes together to celebrate the end of the past year and the beginning of the coming year. We count down the last 10 seconds of the old year and then congratulate each other on the new year. It's a moment filled with joy, hope and hugs.

Three years ago, my family and I celebrated Christmas. First, we had a feast, and then my parents suggested that we go outside to go sledding. There was so much snow that we wanted to get dressed warmly and go out and have fun. We went sledding, made a snowman and played snowballs. We had a lot of fun with our family. It was like being in a winter fairy tale. These are unrealistically cool emotions!

As for the wishes, I would like to wish everyone: 

  • May Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love and bring you lots of joy, happiness and success;
  • I wish you peace, health and prosperity in the New Year;
  • May your dreams come true in the New Year.

A wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration!❄️🎄🎉"

Alina: "Hey there! I'm Alina, the self-proclaimed 16-year-old grandma 🧓😁 Yep, I've got wisdom beyond my years and a love for all things artsy—whether it's reading, binge-watching films, or creating masterpieces with paint, photos, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I'm on a mission to try every art medium imaginable! 🎨✨

Winter holidays, especially Christmas and New Year, are like stepping into a magical wonderland for me. Snow, twinkling lights, gorgeous decorations, warm drinks, joy, and cozy vibes—it's the whole package!

Now, about our traditions... We whip up a feast fit for royalty, but here's the catch: no sneaky bites before the official celebration! 😥✨ Cruel, right? We deck the halls, my cat wrestles with a not-so-grand Christmas tree (the older I get, the smaller it seems—talk about a holiday letdown), and I go all heart-eyed over garlands and cute decorations. If only my budget wasn't playing hard to get, I'd probably spend my life savings on festive trinkets. 💸✨

New tradition alert! This year, I've embraced the magic of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Seriously, it's like a hug in a mug. Highly recommend it! And let's not forget the highlight of the season—presents! Note to self: Convince the parents to drop a letter to Grandpa Frost next year; gift-giving would be a whole lot easier! 🎅📝

Oh, and I've got this legendary memory captured in a photo. Picture me striking a pose as a stylish Santa, spontaneously deciding to dance Gangnam Style in the process. It was a moment, let me tell you! 😂

Wishing you a holly-jolly Christmas and a fabulously artsy New Year! 🎶✨"

Nastya: "Hello 🥰 I'm very glad to meet you! I'm Nastya, I'm 16 years old and I'm from a beautiful city, which is famous for its legends, Zaporozhye😁

I love self-development, and I have also been given many talents that I want to use for the benefit of the people🌸

My mission is to put a smile on people's faces, and I practice this every day, starting with myself☺️ Sometimes it is difficult to cope with emotions, because life is not always fair, but you need to learn to enjoy everything that happens in life. And just like that, Christmas is a holiday that evokes quiet, but very deep joy🌸

I have a lot of Christmas memories. I was born into a rather creative family. My mother is a film director and every year she staged plays for Christmas that brought warmth to hearts. I saw how happy she was with the people who came to her theatrical performances. I was still little, but every Christmas for me was a fairy tale and a miracle. I always watched the performances and it was amazing. I am incredibly grateful to my mother for giving me such a childhood, full of miracles🫶 Still, Christmas is not just a deliciously laid table and saltines, it is, first of all, a miracle that is born and grows every year, in our hearts 🥰

And now, it’s my turn to create miracles for people. I will try my best to make everyone around me happy, because that's what I really want❤️

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!No matter how difficult this year may be, no matter how many obstacles there are on our way, we should not forget about smiling.  I sincerely wish everyone happiness ❤️ I want to play for you a melody of joy that will never go out in my heart 😁

Love you all❤️"

It's so fascinating and heartwarming to realize how precious Christmas is to so many people in our world! Just imagine: every family has its own way of celebration, its own traditions and Christmas memories. Isn't it real magic? A miracle coming alive?

May happiness, peace, kindness, health, prosperity, success and harmony come to your home with this bright holiday.  

"We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!"

With love from Svitlo School