Sasha Vasylenko
May 22, 2024

Apart from visiting summer camps in England our lovely Svitlo Students also visited Croatia! This summer, on 11th-14th of July, Olga and Bogdan went to KIH Croatia summer camp!    

Our guys were really impressed by the incredible beauty of Croatia, the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. They visited an old city, Dubrovnik, a picturesque city with a lot of history where Game of Thrones was filmed! The atmosphere there was as friendly as possible, both Olga and Bogdan were fascinated by the comprehension between other teenagers. They met many new friends and are still communicating with them! 😊

A few words from our amazing students:


“Hi there! I’m Olga and I’m  17 years old. I study at Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, majoring in economics. I am into rowing, and I am a Candidate of Master of Sports and  I am really passionate about traveling! When I found out that I had the opportunity to go to a camp abroad,I could not believe that this was actually happening to me! Croatia itself was beautiful with its landscapes  and і . Among the interesting places, we were in Dubrovnik -  we were shown all its sights and we even visited the islands and swam there. What I liked most about the trip itself were the people, the sea, and the food.  Would I like to go again? A million times yes! I am grateful to the entire Svitlo team, first of all to Yulia and also a huge thank you to everyone else! By the way, I was able to meet Yulia personally and she is just an incredible person with very strong energy; I adore her and  ти with what she has done for me and Svitlo School!😁”


“Hey everyone! I am Bogdan, I’m  17 years old. I have been studying at King's InterHigh School for the second year; this year I entered the Institute of High Technologies in chemistry; I love sports and do modern choreography;  I know two languages: English and German. To be honest, at first I didn't really believe that it was even possible for me. But then we started submitting all sorts of documents and now I’m on a train going to Lviv, then a bus to Warsaw and a plane to Dubrovnik, Croatia... There I met incredibly cool people from a huge variety of countries, all of them were wonderfully open and we immediately found a common language. Of course, I would recommend this camp, as I gained  experience both in English and in social skills and I found a lot of new cool friends  I want to say a huge thank you to Yulia Kosko, the founder of Svitlo school, this is a mega cool school, I suggest everyone to join and gain knowledge there!😄” 

All in all, this trip was about making new acquaintances and expanding horizons, as our possibilities as people are limitless and Olga and Bogdan were receptive to new opportunities and experiences. Croatia is a marvelous country and they believe they will definitely return one day!