Nastya Shumilova
May 22, 2024

“Starting today I have a pineapple pizza revolution”

                                                         Sia de Anastasiia 

And again spring has come to us from afar, again the fluttering birds and tiger-like playful cats are making a beautiful noise. The trees have begun to bloom and show us their immense fruits. And again the immensely magically wise time of study...CONTINUES.

It’s no secret that the world of smart people is very cruel, and most importantly, you should never rely on others — because then AI generators will go bankrupt, don’t take it seriously: if you look at an angle of 90 degrees, and then lay out a long path for the median, maybe even a bisector, so as not to offend it, then everything will fall into place.

To save humanity, you simply need to rely on others, because, in short, we are all human. If we follow the path of justice, then from the point of view of the Ministry of Education it is unforgivable to end the holidays

Just imagine the moment when a McDonald’s commercial comes on at your favorite moment in a song, what do you say to this? That's right, you will find this advertisement more interesting than your music, because in this serious fight, the strength of hunger always wins. But that's not what we're talking about now. 


As Svitlo students, we don’t have enough time to come to all lessons at Svitlo, and I think that such an offense should be punished! But we are a democratic society, so we offer a compromise in the form of extending the holidays

After all, even the most complex quadratic equation cannot replace double emotions in Svitlo’s lessons. And this is not an advertisement because you are already reading this post.

Just joking>>>

The moral of the story is: "Don't worry about what other people think. Life belongs to you and only you can change the universe around you. No matter what difficulties come your way, know that you are warriors for your life, just like the noisy fighting sea with the wind, only you know your truth." No need for applause.

XOXO, your Teens Discussion teacher

“1000 out of 5 on the Story Making scale of deepness.”

                                                 Alina, Story Making teacher