Anya Melnyk
May 22, 2024

Christmas Jumper Day was founded on 14th of December, 2012 and was celebrated ever since. So one of our Svitlo students, aka Anya, wants to tell you more about this special day.

Christmas Jumper Day is a fundraising campaign that initiated by a charity “Save the Children” in the UK. At the beginning it was just a campaign, but eventually it became a tradition not only in the UK but also in Ireland. The primary focus of this tradition is to raise awareness and money for children who are in need.

By wearing sweaters on a specific day of December people are encouraged to donate only 2£ (±2€/80 UAH/8 zł/2.5$) for children.

Recently, Save the Children organisation has been eager to ensure that Christmas Jumper Day is as sustainable as possible. In that case, people could wear sweaters they already owned, buy from vintage stores, or thrift or even knit one themselves.

To take part in this project people have to register their workplace, school or their group of friends or family on the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day website. This year (2023), Christmas Jumper Day was held on 7th of December.

Personally, I think this tradition is amazing! Such a nice opportunity not only to wear Christmas jumpers, but also donate money for children who are in need. In my opinion, Christmas Jumper Day has to be celebrated worldwide!