Alina Kurylo
May 22, 2024

Two years ago, a bunch of education enthusiasts decided to be the light in the lives of Ukrainian children, and thus, Svitlo was born 📚✨ It's been a wild ride, and today we celebrate this tiny “lighthouse” turning two!🎉 We can't believe it's been two years already – it feels like just yesterday it was our first day here!

Now, we at the Svitlo blog are not the kind of people who sit around and do nothing, oh no! We're here to have fun, and we invite you to join the celebration 🥳🎈  Imagine us wearing party hats and noise generators, singing a sincere but slightly off-beat version of birthday classics!🎶🤪 (Be sure to read to the end so you don't miss the most interesting things from our wonderful bloggers!😉)

Happy Birthday, Svitlo! May your light continue to shine brighter than the sun, and may the coming years be filled with more laughter, joy, and countless "aha" moments. Here's to turning two and still being the coolest on the education block! 🎁✨

According to the words of the amazing founder of Svitlo, Yuliya Kosko: “One of the main things is to obviously keep on supporting the way we in Svitlo do but even become better,” - and we wish that it will be easier and even more joyful than it is now!😘❤️

And now let's delve into the thoughts and experiences of those who have been integral to Svitlo's radiant existence✨

Sofia: “A close friend of our family told me about Svitlo School because I want to learn English with native speakers, so this close friend said that her daughter is studying in Svitlo School and it's a good ability to learn English. And I went to Svitlo School too.”

Larisa: “Because of the war, my son and I moved to England. We thought it would be for two weeks, so we didn't take anything with us. And when we did move, I had to look for a job, and I was looking for it for a long time, calling my consultant to find a place. One day, my counselor called me and said:  "Listen, I have a request for your automation, I'll give you the phone, talk to me!"  - I was very surprisedYulia calls me and tells me about the school. At the time, I was so excited that when we got to the question of whether I could work for her, I said I wanted to volunteer with you. I also want to contribute something to this cause."

Kseniia: “It's the first school in Ukraine that offers so many opportunities, which is crucial, especially when everyone feels exhausted. I thought it was amazing that they created this project to help and guide people through dark times toward the light. It's unbelievable that there are people who are so dedicated to making a difference. I was immediately impressed and wanted to be a part of it and make an impact by offering German classes and other subjects to Svitlo.”

David: “At first, I thought the school was going to be a boring, typical English school focused only on English. It is really not that! There are a lot of stuff!”

Maria: “I wish Svitlo continued growth and expansion. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to study there, and I hope it keeps getting better and better.”

Alina: "Svitlo has definitely good impact on me. First of all, my English improved. It also gave me motivation to study because before I didn't think that learning is the thing that I really wanna do."

Christine: “Well, it's all of you students. You're incredibly inspiring. Your enthusiasm, your willingness to work, and your constant smiles mean a lot to me as a teacher. It's wonderful to walk into a class and be greeted by the smiling faces of people who want to learn and contribute. Your dedication motivates me to do more and strive for better things for all of you.”

Andrii: "Svitlo is a part of my everyday life, the inseparable part."

Liza: "Don't be shy! When I came to my first lesson, I was so shy because I was afraid of my level of English... And it's with everyone, just don't be shy, just keep working, everyone understands you; It is your progress, just be yourself, feel free."

Rayleen: "I was really nervous when I started doing the volunteering with Svitlo, just not sure what to expect, and just cause my heart was breaking for Ukraine, everything that was happening... I wasn't sure how it would be but from my very first class it was just "Oh my Gosh". The kids came with some much energy and we had so much fun together; we get together and just fun that we have and the smiles and the laughter that they bring - it's just contagious, I just love being with them every week!"

Nastya: “So, in five adjectives Svitlo is: life, family, happiness, hope, friends, goodness, success, smile, sun, people. Ten adjectives.”

Aditi: “"Find your people" is gonna be my message of the day. I feel like it helps keep you grounded, helps keep you hopeful.”

Yuliya: “Number one advice: if you don't judge people, if you believe in kindness of others, I really think that positive attracts positive. Sometimes it's hard to be kind but I think even being rude by kindness is probably more powerful than being rude back.”

Sunny: “What is the one piece of advice you could give to every teenager?

I’d say… these years don’t come back, and I, unfortunately, had very strict parents, so I couldn’t really live through my teenage years, but I would say: explore, follow your intuition, and try many things, it could be sports, some entertainment, something you want to learn; go for passion, because it provides you with further direction in your learning, but of course study hard if you want to get into a good school, but also..enjoy you need to explore yourself.”

But wait, there's more! We've got something special for you – check out the amazing and touching interviews we conducted with the incredible organizers, teachers, and students who were part of this amazing journey 🎤👩‍🏫👨‍🎓

In the video below, get ready to witness laughter, a few happy tears, and perhaps an accidental blooper or two. We're so grateful to everyone who has contributed their time, energy, and passion to Svitlo! You're not just amazing; you're the sparkle in our birthday cake!🎂✨

So, without further ado, grab some popcorn 🍿, sit back, and enjoy the heartwarming rollercoaster that is the Svitlo birthday party 🥳


Group lead & video/photo editor:

  • Alina Kurylo


  • Nastya Shumilova,
  • Sasha Vasylenko,
  • Kseniia Fomina,
  • Kseniia Kovalchuk,
  • Liza Cherneha,
  • Angelina Shevchuk,
  • Nastya Kiurkchi,
  • Mariam Anabtavi,
  • Anya Melnyk,
  • Dariana Sheverova,
  • Daria Azhyshcheva,
  • Slava Havrylenko,
  • Margo Krivenko,
  • Maria Moiseienko,
  • Nikita Giuseppe,
  • Ulyana Bocharnikova

THANK YOU to everyone, who participated in interviews and those who contributed and continue contributing to Svitlo! WITHOUT YOU, IT WOULDN`T BE POSSIBLE!!! ❤️❤️❤️