Anastasia Shumilova
May 22, 2024

What is the Buddies System and how it works...

Imagine you want to do something new in your life and join a completely new team for you. In order to make the most of this great opportunity and become a full member, you might want someone who will help you learn about this team. 

But if you are worried about being confused by the new learning structure?  There is a way out! Our school has a Buddy system! This is a program that is aimed at helping newcomers blend into a new team. The Buddy system students are your friends. They report on lessons, talk about them, teach you how to use the schedule and how to join lessons and closed groups, this will help newcomers to adapt faster. Also, your Buddies can become your friends 😉

How do I find out about my Buddy? Everything is very simple. You will be informed about them upon admission or after joining Svitlo Sсhool, they will write to you themselves and help you deal with any issues. So, join now to find out about your Buddy as soon as possible 😃