Liza Cherneha
May 22, 2024

Let's get acquainted with the last trip to England to the Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) camp! Lisa, Nastya, Alina, Vlad and Oleksandr went on this journey. It filled the students with positive emotions, unforgettable experiences, new impressions and acquaintances that they would like to experience it again. 

BOSS and Svitlo School gave an opportunity not only to improve English language skills, but also to see very beautiful cities of Great Britain, their attractions and make new friends. The students still remember how they played new games, performed various tasks, thereby collecting points for their group, so that they could get a delicious pizza later on Friday.

They will never forget the warm meeting with their teachers Christine Stanley and Niel McLoughlin, as well as with the school's founder Yuliya Kosko and curator, Daria Polishchuk.  The students remember these moments with a smile, because it was so unforgettable that it cannot even be expressed in words.

Sincere emotions, warm hugs, friendly conversations, jokes, dancing evenings, songs, competitions, studies, trips - this is all forever in their hearts. Each particle is like a fire that will always burn in the heart.


Let's move to the students' feedback now!

Vlad : “I want to sincerely thank Svitlo School for the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place! It is very valuable to me. I was impressed by the cool weather🥰 and breakfasts😬And also learned to be more open and friendly.”

Olexandr: “Thank you so much, Svitlo School and BOSS, for such an amazing opportunity. I learned how to look after myself, found out more about other countries (Columbian history, Georgian deadly rivalries), a few words in Kyrgyz and  teamwork. I recommend visiting BOSS because you will live with people from different countries, see picturesque British towns, get an English language certificate, learn to talk in English on a daily basis and see seagulls.”

Liza: I am sincerely grateful to the team of Svitlo School and BOSS for such an incredible opportunity!!! You have given me so many positive emotions, new acquaintances and unforgettable meetings, interesting trips, the opportunity to improve the level of English and visit another country, development and the opportunity to meet Svitlo family in reality. I found many new friends with whom I still communicate. We often correspond and share various news.It was my first trip to the camp and it was so memorable that every moment of it has been etched in my heart forever and added a lot of colours to my life and charged me to move on and improve! These are incredible emotions that are very much appreciated! Thank you so much, BOSS team and Svitlo family! You have done so much for me. I call to mind every moment in this trip that gives happiness. I wish you all the best and may your guardian angel be always by your side 🩷”

Nastia : As I said before, Svitlo School became my second family, so I will never leave for any reason. Thanks to Svitlo and BOSS, I found myself in other areas, became more open-minded, began to read and enjoy things that I had not noticed before. I still don't know what I would like to do in the future, because I like many things and I am not sure that this field is exactly what I need. But I know one thing for sure, I would like to become one of the Svitlo team and help with everything I can do.  Because no one has ever given me such joy as Svitlo has. If it weren't for Svitlo, I would have sat and watched TV series and wasted my time without revealing my potential. I found a real family, began to plan my time properly, improved my English, discovered the field of marketing, started to make tik toks, began to read a lot, became more open to communication and more confident, and all this is thanks to - Svitlo!  I never want to leave you, you have become a part of my life. Thank you for all you do🥰”

Alina: When we arrived, everything was new and unusual for me, but the most surprising thing was the hot and sunny weather in London during the two times we were there. In general, the trip was incredible! I learned how to approach people, improved my English, and learned more about England, and in general what it's like to travel long distances alone.

I am incredibly grateful to Svitlo School for the opportunities it opens up for students! I will be happy to help the school develop and become better! I would also like to thank everyone involved in organizing the BOSS summer school for a busy two-week meaningful vacation! The kind and attentive attitude brought me real joy and a good mood. Thanks to you, my life has become brighter and I hope that in the future I will meet with a larger number of acquaintances, in reality, 💞  I wish everyone who organized the vacation: inexhaustible energy, prosperity, health, well-being, and peace!”

By the way, our students received the following nicknames during the trip: Sun, Tushkanchik, Alina Space, Son, and Mama Vlad. Each nickname has its own meaning. Funny, isn't it?😁