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Svitlo Education is a registered charity in England and Wales, UK registration number 1201542, meaning all of our charitable work to help Ukrainian chlidren and families is transparent. So you can be sure your money will go to the right cause, and that we can make use of UK government Gift Aid for donors who live in the UK.
You can donate money to our Ukranian children's charity as an individual or/and choose us for your fundraising event at
Enthuse or JustGiving.

For many students in Ukraine our UK based charity is the only source of education to which they can have daily access. They gain new knowledge and communication skills, and through Svitlo school community, our pupils make new friends and find motivation to hope that the future is bright and their lives will be changed for the better.

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You can donate money as an individual and / or choose us for your fundraising event at Enthuse or Just Giving.

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For larger donations we prefer a bank transfer, as it avoids third party commission payments; please fill out a pledge form.

Company Donations

We would love to be considered as the charity your company supports and are very happy to send you info which will help you nominate us for a one off or ongoing support. 

UK Payroll charitable donations information at GOV.

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