SUMMER 2024 is near!

Oleksandra (Sasha) Petrova
May 22, 2024

Svitlo School is thrilled to announce that we have successfully secured 12 fully-funded places in the UK summer schools and 2 in the US, with more opportunities on the horizon! This presents an incredible chance for our students to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment, applying the English skills they've acquired at Svitlo School. These enriching experiences not only foster personal growth and global awareness but also equip our students with the essential tools for a brighter future in our interconnected world. It's also a wonderful opportunity for them to gain independence, explore new activities, relax, and create lasting friendships with peers from around the globe.

  1. ISSOS Summer School

At Yale University, USA (2 places)

Located on the beautiful campus of one of the world's most prestigious universities, ISSOS at Yale offers exciting experiences for 13-18-year-olds from over 80 nationalities every year. International students will have the opportunity to study alongside native English-speaking students, enriching their cultural experience. During the three-week program, all students choose one academic and one elective subject to study, complemented by engaging activities. ISSOS Yale is the ideal destination for a memorable summer.

  1. BOSS (5 places)

Hastings, Kent, the UK. Special opportunity for our younger students!

Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) is situated near Hastings, a charming seaside town in the southern part of England. Established in 2011, the summer school has been warmly welcoming students aged 8 to 17 ever since. Besides the wonderful team and exciting program, BOSS is famous for its house system with students constantly being involved in a friendly competition trying to earn as many points for their house as possible to get a pizza on Friday as a reward!

  1. MPW Cambridge and London, the UK (6 places)

MPW Summer School is situated in the heart of a picturesque historic city, right next to the prestigious University of Cambridge. There are a few program to choose from for students aged 14-17 with the chance to explore their academic interests, attend lectures delivered by university professors, and enjoy a full schedule of leisure activities. MPW Summer School is a perfect place to explore future career and academic subjects in a fun way!

  1. St Giles (1 place)

St Giles Summer School offers four locations: Brighton (University of Brighton), London (UCL), Canterbury (King's School), and Oxford (Oxford Brookes University). The program caters to students aged 12-17 and provides accommodation in various boarding schools and universities, offering an immersive British experience. St Giles also offers an exciting social program that enables students to learn English through practical experience, adventurous activities, and exploration of various locations across England.

What to expect?


Summer schools in the UK offer a wide range of excursions, often including a trip to London where students explore the city and visit famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Hyde Park, among others. These trips typically also include visits to renowned museums and galleries like the Natural History Museum, National Gallery, Science Museum, and British Museum, along with some free time for shopping. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to explore other fascinating places during their stay, some of them being Brighton, Windsor, Hastings, Eastbourne, Canterbury, and Cambridge, each rich in historical and cultural significance.

Those going to Yale will have an opportunity to explore Yale University, the Yale Art Gallery, and the Connecticut Science Centre, as well as trips to New York and Boston. In New York, students will have the chance to experience iconic sights like Central Park, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), among others. In Boston, a guided city walking tour along the famous Freedom Trail offers a deep dive into the city's rich history, complemented by opportunities to explore its diverse shops and vibrant culture.

Academic programme:


  • 20 hours of English per week
  • Exam preparation classes
  • General English classes
  • Project classes that focus on more fun and creative topics
  • ESOL exam at the the end of the course with internationally recognised certificate


  • 1 Academic subject to choose from: Business & Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Debate, English Language, Study Skills
  • 1 Elective subject to choose from: Photography, Film, Outdoor Leadership, Theatre, Tennis

MPW Summer School

  • 1 Academic subject to choose from: Advanced Maths and Problem Solving; Business, Finance and Economics; Computing, Robotics and AI; Law, Politics and International Relations; Medicine and Science; Psychology and Sociology
  • 1 EtonX Life Skills subject to choose from: Public Speaking; Creative Problem Solving; Resilience; Making an Impact; Entrepreneurship; Critical Thinking; Academic English and General IELTS.
  • Enrichment sessions: could include field trips, lectures for university professors, and guest speakers

St Giles

  • 20 lessons (16.7 hrs) per week
  • Weekly themed lessons and activities facilitate the practical application of learned material
  • Language skills training
  • Project work 


When students aren't engaged in their studies or excursions, they will take part in a wide variety of enjoyable and interesting activities. These activities encompass sports, arts and crafts, team-building exercises, quizzes, as well as drama and music sessions throughout the day. Additionally, there will be some exciting evening activities planned to keep the fun going. These activities include a wide range of challenges and shows, such as dodgeball, mini Olympics, fashion shows, international nights, karaoke, colour wars, campfires, and more, ensuring that there is something exciting for everyone to enjoy.

How to get the place?

The admission process to the summer schools is defined by the Svitlo team and teachers volunteers who carefully select the right candidates based on their attendance, attainment, responsibilities in the school and overall kind and hard working character. So, what should you do to be considered as a candidate for the summer school?

  1. Maintain high attendance 
  2. Show enthusiastic engagement during lessons
  3. Be actively involved in the school’s life (e.g., being a prefect, mentor, part of the student council or the house council, etc)
  4. Earn house points
  5. Be positive and kind to others!

What did last summer with Svitlo look like?

In summer 2023, Svitlo School offered 14 of our students, who were selected based on their merits during lessons and contribution to the school life, to visit the UK and participate in 2 weeks of amazing summer school programmes! With the help of a £7,000 donation from a private donor in Ukraine towards transport and visa costs, Svitlo Education was able to partner with 5 summer schools across the UK and secure 14 summer school places worth £39,289. For all of the students, it was an incredible opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge, and have fun!

Discovery Summer

"On my trip to Great Britain, the cultural differences struck me like nothing else. In this new environment, I learned not to be afraid to take the initiative, and became more open and confident. I also got to know more about the culture of England. The camp was very memorable! Not only did I enjoy this trip as a fun activity, but it also became a significant step in my personal growth. This experience made me a stronger and more courageous person.”


St Giles International

“Everything impressed me on the trip, starting with how many new friends and acquaintances I made and ending with unforgettable experiences and memories. At the camp, I improved my English, became more open-minded, and learned a lot about life in England.”


Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS)

“During the trip, I learned how to connect with people from diverse cultures, improved my English, learned more about England,  and mastered the skills of independent travelling. The camp was incredibly exciting with wonderful students and teachers, interesting excursions and activities. From the trip, I brought with me new friends and unforgettable experiences."


MPW Summer School

"During the trip, I was left with positive impressions from the variety of sights I saw in the UK and other cultures. During the two weeks at MPW College, I successfully improved my spoken English, at least twofold! I highly recommend MPW College, and I guarantee it will be the best two weeks of your summer."


Harrow School

“The camp showed me that learning can be interesting and fun, not only in the classroom but also while interacting with peers and teachers outside of class, playing interesting games, or dancing! In two weeks, I improved my English, gained important skills in debating, tried many new exciting activities, and had a great time. But most importantly, I made new friends from different countries, with whom I am in touch to this day.”