The Joy of Donating: Changing Lives Through Education

Aleksandra Stankovic
June 20, 2024

UNICEF reports a widespread learning loss among Ukrainian children as the country enters its fourth year of disrupted education. The war, preceded by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in profound struggles to maintain the education system in Ukraine. 

According to the latest data, over 50 percent of teachers report deterioration in students’ language abilities and mathematics skills. Furthermore, only one-third of children enrolled in schools in Ukraine attend classes in person. More than half of Ukraine’s refugee children across seven host countries are not enrolled in national education systems at all. Many of these children are unfortunately missing out on education completely, which makes providing online learning support all the more crucial. 

Svitlo School has an important mission to provide free extracurricular online classes in English to Ukrainian children deprived of education. We believe in our mission wholeheartedly and ask you to support our cause by donating any amount you can spare. Rest assured that even the smallest contribution makes a difference. 

The importance of education 

Education is not a privilege but a human right, as the United Nations defines it in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is legally guaranteed for all without any discrimination. It forms the basis of peace, dignity, and equality. 

“It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.” (Article 26, Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 

Access to education is one of the pillars of every healthy society. Educated young individuals have the power to break the cycle of poverty and diminish criminal activity. Though it may seem like an issue of an individual country, in today’s global society we all have the moral responsibility to help each other in times of need. The social mobility in this age is higher than ever, meaning that by fostering healthy individual societies we are getting one step closer to a healthy global society. 

How your donations change lives 

Thanks to the support of the big-hearted contributors and our wonderful volunteers, we have managed to keep Svitlo School alive for more than two years. During that time the school has provided more than 2500 students with language and extracurricular lessons, but what’s more important, it has become more than just a school to them. 

In the words of our student Olya, a sixteen-year-old with a heart-breaking story, Svitlo gives hope and provides an escape from the gloomy reality: 

“I didn’t have the energy to study at all, but when the lessons at Svitlo started, it was something new and interesting… This school has helped to take my mind off things at least for a while, and has given me big opportunities… Despite the fact that I live every day under attacks and without light, I continue to be a part of the school and I’m so happy about it.”     

You can find more of our student stories here. Read how the children describe in their own words what Svitlo School means to them. 

Making a difference 

Donating, as one of the kindest acts human beings are capable of, is known to bring joy to both the recipient and the donor. There is no greater feeling of fulfilment than knowing you have helped someone. It’s important to remember that fostering a sense of global solidarity and community unites people. Supporting a common cause brings us closer to that peaceful and egalitarian global society that we all dream of. 

As an individual in today’s world full of uncertainties, you might feel like you cannot do much to change it. However, if all of us do our small part, we can bring about the change together. We believe in Svitlo’s mission to bring free education to the children of Ukraine who are robbed of the ability to have a normal childhood. Let’s empower them together to build a better future. 

Thank you

Your contribution, no matter how small you think it is, has a great power to change lives. Follow this link to donate.    

If financial aid is not something you can offer, you can support us in other ways. We always welcome new volunteers who are willing to donate their time. Join us here

As our student Daria says: “Thanks to everyone who finds new opportunities for us every day and improves the Light.”