A trip to the European Parliament

Kseniia Fomina
May 22, 2024

The innovative approach to learning 🎓

Embarking on a journey to Brussels, I found myself at the European Parliament,representing the cause of education during war, Ukraine's integration into the EuropeanUnion, and the importance of political awareness among adolescents as a Young EuropeanAmbassador.

Among the array of topics, my focus encompassed the resilient spirit of Ukrainian students,the unique educational approach of institutions like Svitlo School, and the broaderimplications of EU membership.

In the heart of the EU capital, I shared stories of courage from Ukrainian students navigating the challenges of education amidst conflict. Their determination to continue learning, even inthe face of adversity, painted a vivid picture of hope and resilience. It was a tale thatresonated with many in the audience, transcending borders and emphasizing the universalright to education, even in times of turmoil.

Svitlo School, a registered education charity in England and Wales, became a shiningexample of innovation in education. Beyond its role as a representation of hope for Ukrainianstudents, it symbolized a broader movement toward progressive and inclusive learningmethods. The incorporation of native speakers and a commitment to free education sparkedadmiration of EU politicians, illustrating that even in the darkest times, innovativeapproaches can illuminate the path forward.

As the discussion unfolded, the broader theme of Ukraine's integration into the European Union took center stage. The European Union, born from the ashes of World War II, standsas a testament to the power of collaboration. Rather than a mere economic alliance, itrepresents a collective commitment to shared values—democracy, human rights, and therule of law.

The EU operates as a community where nations, despite their unique histories andlanguages, come together to forge a common destiny. It's not just about tearing downeconomic barriers but also about creating a space where ideas, cultures, and people canfreely exchange. The European Union is a living testament to the idea that unity is not justan aspiration but a practical and successful way of ensuring lasting peace and prosperity.

In this context, the ongoing negotiations for Ukraine's EU membership take on a profoundsignificance. It's not just about aligning political strategies; it's about aligning with a set ofvalues that have shaped a continent. The EU is not a distant entity but a community built onthe principles that prioritize human dignity, democracy, equality, inclusivity, and the pursuit ofa better future for all.

In conclusion, my journey to Brussels was not just a diplomatic endeavor but a reaffirmationof the power of education, innovation, and collaboration. Whether it's the resilience ofUkrainian students, the innovative spirit of institutions like Svitlo School, or the shared valuesof the European Union, the threads of hope and progress are intricately woven together,creating a tapestry that represents a brighter future for us all.