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Starting from the end of 2023, Svitlo School has partnered with the charitable organisation Dayan Family Foundation to collaborate on enhancing the level of education among the young generation of Ukraine, nurturing, and developing essential leadership skills in children, which can later be applied to develop and rebuild Ukraine.

The primary objectives of the Dayan Family Foundation are to seek, attract, and invest funds in the development of educational and socio-cultural projects of Svitlo School.

An integral component of the foundation's work involves participating in the design, organisation, and funding of educational programs.

The methods for achieving the above goals include conducting joint events, seminars, trainings, lectures, conferences, etc., in educational institutions both in Ukraine and abroad. Additionally, they include conducting informational and explanatory campaigns among schoolchildren and youth, middle school teachers, lecturers, and researchers, aimed at raising the educational level and deepening the study of the English language.

Our joint efforts are focused on long-term collaboration and coordination of activities aimed at promoting the development and study of the English language through the implementation of the Svitlo School project in Ukraine and abroad, as well as providing targeted charitable assistance to talented children and teachers.