Slava Havrylenko


My name’s Yaroslava but everyone calls me Slava. I live in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. I love my hometown, and felt so horrified about the war crimes that happened here. I study at Gymnasium Troyeshchyna. I like to study Politics and Economics. I joined Svitlo School in October 2022 and it changed my life. My favourite classes are probably Career Success with Mike O'Toole and Economics with Gary Wainwright. I also really enjoy the engaging MUN classes. Now, I’m helping Svitlo to reach the highest targets. I’m a Prefect in 4 subjects and I really enjoy helping to run the lessons smoothly.

Svitlo School has given me a lot of knowledge, motivation and ambitions. Svitlo’s team also gives their students useful and thoughtful gifts such as PowerBanks and headphones. I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities that Svitlo has given me!

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