Daria Azhyshcheva


Hi everybody!
My name is Daria Azhishcheva, I am 15 years old and I am from the city of Mykolaiv. I have a younger sister who also studies at Svitlo School.
I like to read interesting books, listen to music, dance, and travel!
I have been at Svitlo School since September. After I joined Svitlo, I immediately saw a message that the school was looking for a Prefect. At first, I was very worried because I did not even attend a none of the lessons, but I was so fascinated by this school and its mission, that decided to take a risk and submitted an application. A week later, I received a message that I was accepted for the post of Prefect. From that moment, I began to take an active part in school life.
Svitlo School also allows me to study at the American High School Pearson Online Academy, for which I am infinitely grateful!
At Svitlo School, I not only gained valuable knowledge, experience, and many opportunities for my future but also found real friends!
I adore all the teachers at Svitlo, because they are very passionate about the teaching process, always very open to us, and willing to help us if we need it! My favorite subjects at Svitlo School are Marketing, IELTS, and Spanish. In Marketing, we not only learn useful information but also create interesting projects. The IELTS teacher is cheerful, in his lessons, we not only prepare for exams but also learn not to be shy and have fun. Spanish with Christine is also a very interesting lesson, and a good opportunity to learn Spanish and have fun.
I am very grateful to Svitlo School for all the opportunities they provide us, for invaluable experience, and for incredible emotions!

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