Are all lessons compulsory to attend?

No. The child can choose which lessons to sign up to after they have attended an intro session. Once signed up, they need to commit and attend those lessons.

How can I connect to the lesson?

After you have been admitted to Svitlo school, you will be asked to join a telegram group. In this group there are pinned messages with the links to the lessons. Every new students will be supported by a current student (buddy) to help them navigate between lessons and for the general support.

When do they lessons take place?

You can find out more about the lessons under School Life - Svitlo Lessons. On most weekdays the lessons begin at 15:00 to allow children in Ukraine to attend local schools if they have that option. There are lessons on weekends throughout both days.

What is Student Council?

Svitlo Student Council are students like you who have been at Svitlo for some time and showed their interest in helping running the school. Anyone can volunteer to become a buddy, a prefect (a person responsible for communication with a teacher in one particular lesson), a house prefect, etc. These roles lead to becoming part of student council. In summer 2023, all 9 members of the student council and 3 more students got complimentary trips to summer school in England and Europe.

Why are the lessons free?

Svitlo School was created as a response to Russian aggression in March 2023 with he help of Ukrainian teachers organising the children and volunteers from around the world, but mainly England keen to teach them. In January 2023 we were registered as a Charity in England and are still mainly run by volunteers, including the admin staff. We couldn't have achieved it without the help of many international schools and companies. Please get in touch with us if you want to know how to get involved.

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